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Birthdate:Jan 5
Website:Adventures in Writing
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I am neither male, nor female
I'm single and I'm not looking
I take photographs, not pictures
I'm a socialist, not a communist
My name is Charlie, not Charlotte
I'm Danish, not a pastry or a Denmarkian
My lucky number is 5, but I never win anything
I like the smell of coffee, but I don't drink it
I love both cats and dogs, but have neither as pets
I'm a Capricorn and a Wood Rabbit, but not typical of either
I roleplay, I do not suffer from multiple personality disorder
I listen to anything from Mozart to Metallica, but can't play an instrument (or sing)

I'm a very, very weird person and I have some very, very weird (often contradictory) opinions. Most of the time I rant and rave and write about my sucky life. If you think you can stand that, by all means, add me. Comment a public entry and I'll add you back, since this journal is currently FRIENDS-ONLY.


since October 25, 2004

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